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Characteristics of the show

„Ktokolwiek widział, ktokolwiek wie...”

„Ktokolwiek widział, ktokolwiek wie...”, presents stories of missing persons upon their families wishes. The authors choose the most characteristic and most interesting cases from the point of view of a journalist, and later, some of them are presented in a form of a short documentary, and some are presented on the show in a form of an interview with the closest family members conducted in the studio. Some of the stories are presented only in a form of a photo and a short announcement. Priority cases are the ones concerning children , elderly and persons of unknown identity.

The show is broadcast live from one of the TVP studios. The viewers watching the program have an opportunity to call the studio. As it happens frequently, the missing person is found thanks to the information obtained from our viewers, and persons of unknown identity are finally identified by their families. Both the short documentaries, as well as the interviews in the studio, present the missing persons, describe the circumstances of their disappearance, and the method used by the family to find them.

The show crew takes up action, which goes beyond the show, in supporting the families in their search of the their loved ones.

We cooperate with the following Foundations : ITAKA and LA STRADA, as well as with Police units all over the country.

The show is presented live and that is its most valued advantage. The whole country receives a message about a missing person in the shortest possible time. That allows a rapid reaction to information obtained during the course of the show. Thanks to the show, which has been presented on air on Channel 1 for the past 10 years, over a 1000 people have been found or their cases have been solved. In several cases, matters which remained unsolved for 50 years, have found their end, as well as several people regained their identity thanks to us.

From the initiative of the show authors and persons working closely with us, the ITAKA Foundation has been established. The attitude of the Police towards missing persons, and to their families has changed.

The Main Chief of Police issued a special ordinance, available on the Police website, introducing a special procedure taken while reporting cases of missing persons, as well as during the search.

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