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Krzysztof  Lekki

Krzysztof Lekki case solved
Dąbrowa woj. podkarpackie

Anna Bogusława Garska

Anna Bogusława Garska case solved

Grzegorz Hubacz

Grzegorz Hubacz case solved

Zofia Gajda

Zofia Gajda case solved

Michał Bogusław Majkut

Michał Bogusław Majkut case solved

Dominik Kaczanowicz

Dominik Kaczanowicz case solved

Andrzej Kiziuk

Andrzej Kiziuk case solved

Izabela Hirte

Izabela Hirte case solved

Kacper Wnętrzak

Kacper Wnętrzak case solved
Kacper has been living in Holland for a few years. Just recently he worked near Rotterdam. He was supposed to spend Christmas in Poland. In the last phone call conversation with his mother he said he was already at the bus station, with a ticket. As it turned out, he never got on the bus, and nobody knows what happened to him.

Paweł Piotr Jaskot

Paweł Piotr Jaskot case solved
Pawel disappeared in Dabki (province of Zachodniopomorskie). His belongings were found on a beach.

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