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Missing Person


Małgorzata Klechniowska

Małgorzata Klechniowska
Resides in Gdynia. She was reported missing on September 8, 2005. She was 33.

Malgorzata was last seen in her flat in Gdynia by her neighbour, who visited her around 11 that day. The neighbour claims that Malgorzata was packing bags due to her family travelling to visit her sister for the weekend in the country. Nobody has seen Malgorzata since then, and her 7-year-old daughter and husband remained at home. The next day, the husband took the daughetr to her auntie in the country, and left for a weeks long sea journey. Malgorzata's disappearance was reported by her sister who lives over 250km from Gdynia. In spite of all the family efforts to find her, no traces have been found.


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