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Missing Person


Maria Litwin

Maria Litwin
Resides in Przemysl. She was reported missing on December 17, 2005. She was 50 years old.

According to her children and sister Maria left her house in the morning of December 17 while her husband was at work. After 8 o\'clock in the morining her husband found a note from his mother with a message that she is leaving and that she can\'t stand it any more, and it will be for better if she goes. As it turned out later, the main reason of her dissapearance was her husband condition known to psychiatrists as \" imagined jelousy\". He led his wife to mental break-down. Maria has grown up children /son and daughter/, whom she tried to help. The children did not think the father\'s behaviour was dangerous. when they tried to talk to their mother she quickly brushed them off. Today they regret they never forced the parents to a serious conversation in front of them. The father feels guilty.


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